Hatteras Island Pet Resort

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Rates and Information

*2017 Rates (Year-Round)
(beginning June 1, 2017)

Dogs (same family)
These rates are for "per 24 hour" care.

1 dog - $39.00
2nd dog - Add $29 (same run)
3rd dog - Add $15  (same run)


1 dog - $35.00
2nd and 3rd additional dog - $15 (same run)

Noon Treats 
Delicious Chicken Ice Cube Treats for All Guests

New! Go PAWS Beach Walks
​Beach Walks for your Pup - $22 per walk ($5 per additional dog during same walk)

Cats (same family)
These rates are for "per 24 hour" care.

1 cat - $16.50 per night
2nd cat - Add $10 per night (same run)
3rd cat - Add $8 per night

Others: (birds, rabbits, ferrets, etc.)
Flat rate - $10 | 2nd pet add $5 per night

Crate Rental
Weekly Rental Rate: $25 flat rate
(delivery and pick up available locally for $10)
Reservations and Refunds
A $50 deposit is needed to confirm your pet's reservation at the time the reservation is schedule (credit card preferred).  This deposit goes towards your pet's boarding and is refundable with a cancellation and/or change notice 72 hours before your scheduled check-in date. Any changes to the reservation without a 72 hours notice will result in forfeiture of the deposit. This includes early departures or late arrivals. Deposits may be used up to 1 year after a cancellation. Full payment for your pet's stay is due at check-out time. (Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Traveler's Checks preferred.) 

Call - 252/987-1127
Email - obxpetresort@gmail.com
Fax – 252/987-1128

Your Pets Stay
Preadmission Requirements

Written certification from your veterinarian that your pet has all current immunizations is mandatory. Dogs and cats must have been innoculated against rabies. Dogs must have had their DHLPP and Bordetella (canine cough), and cats must have had their FVRCPP and Feline Leukemia vaccinations. Dogs and cats must have been treated for fleas and ticks. Also, we strongly recommend that dogs be tested for heartworm disease and be on a preventative program before arrival. Lyme vaccination is suggested.    

Check In/Check Out
Check in/check out times are during regular business hours (listed on homepage).

Please note that any pet that appears to us to be sick or contagious cannot be accepted. In such a case, we will refer you to local veterinarians.

Late Arrival
We understand that unavoidable delays may rarely occur. If you call ahead and let us know, we will try to accommodate you up to 6:00 pm. After-hours check-in is available, by appointment only. A late check-in fee will be applied.

Daily Pick-Up

You may pick up your pet any time during regular business hours each day to enjoy time together. Alternate accommodations will be your responsibility after 5:00 pm.

We serve premium dry blend dog food and cat food. Refrigeration for your canned foods, yogurt, fruit, and other specialty items is provided complimentary. If other brands are preferred, please bring a sufficient supply for your pet's stay.

Health Care
We will be glad to assist with routine health care treatment. If your pet is on an owner-administered medication such as heartworm pills, please bring a sufficient supply with you. If at any time during your pet's stay, we consider that veterinary care is needed, we will notify you as soon as possible. Treatment, however, is the responsibility of the owner.