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Crate Rentals

Rented a pet-friendly home, but need a safe spot for Spot to snooze while you run to the grocery store? We've got your back!

Our Crates

Does your pet sleep better in a crate? Or maybe you just need somewhere safe for your pup to chill while you run out for a few quick errands. Don't sweat it!

Save yourself the headache and cargo space - rent one of our crates!

Our wire crates with plastic tray bottoms are fully cleaned and sanitized between each guest. Most of our crates are extra-large sized - 28" wide x 42" deep x 31" tall, big enough for a German Shepherd or Rottweiler to enjoy!

Delivery and pick up services are also available within the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo for a truly stress-saving experience!

Weekly Rental Rate

(same rate year-round)

Per Crate

$40 / Week

Delivery and/or Pick Up

$15 each

**Payment in full, including of delivery and/or pick up fees, is required prior to you taking possession of crates.

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