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Salon Services

Your doggie deserves to be pampered! From soothing suds to beautifying blow-outs and paw-fect pedicures, we're happy to lavish your babies with care!

We are currently unable to take salon reservations.
We apologize for any inconvenience.


Got a stinky schnauzer, a funky foxhound, or a dirty dachshund? Or do you just want your pup freshened up for a special occasion or long road trip?

We've got you covered. Every bath includes:

  • Private salon time with one of our dedicated staff members

  • Professional-grade shampoo and conditioner appropriate to your pet's individual needs

  • Ear cleaning

  • Brush-out and blow-drying as appropriate for coat type (depending on your pet's willingness to participate, of course)

Baths range in cost from $20-$60+, depending on your pet's size, coat type, and coat condition.

**Please note: We do not currently have a groomer on staff capable of full grooms (i.e. hair cutting). Some limited services may be available on request. Please call us or email us for information.

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Nail Trims

Nail trims are available for dogs, cats, and other species for a flat $15 fee per pet.

For dogs, nail trims include filing/grinding of rough edges.

For cats and other species, grinding is not done due to the finer structure of the nail.

All services are dependent upon your pet's willingness to participate. We will not unnecessarily stress your pet by continuing services if they become overly agitated or attempt to nip or bite. Some dogs do not allow us to grind their nails, while others only allow grinding and not clipping. If we are unable to safely complete your pet's nail trim, we may suggest having your vet trim their nails instead.

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