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Salon Services

Your doggie deserves to be pampered! From soothing suds to beautifying blow-outs and paw-fect pedicures, we're happy to lavish your babies with care!

Welcome Hannah!

Hatteras Island Pet Resort is very pleased to welcome Hannah Burton as the first full-time groomer on our staff in 3 years!

Hannah sought us out from South Carolina, knowing she had a lot to offer us here at the Pet Resort and the Hatteras Island community as a whole. Her self-confidence, assertiveness, and years of pet care experience make her a natural fit for our team.

We can't wait for her to show you what she has to offer!

Our Services

Whether you've got a dirty dachshund, a yucky yorkie, or a poodle who needs pampering, we've got you covered! We are a full-service salon, offering everything from all-inclusive whole-body grooms to soothing baths, nail trims, and a la carte services like ear cleaning and nail trims.

Pricing varies based on your pet's size, coat type and condition, ability to cooperate with the grooming process, and the hair style requested. 'Humanity over Vanity' is our motto with all grooming services performed, meaning we will only perform the services your pet allows us to complete. We want your pet to be happy and comfortable spending time with us, so that they dash up the stairs each time you bring them for an appointment!

"Basic" Bath

Bath with skin- and coat-appropriate shampoo and conditioner

Ear cleaning and/or plucking as appropriate

Anal gland expression as needed

Blow dry & brush out

Custom bow applied to pet's collar or harness

Spritz of tropical cologne

Touch-Up Groom

a.k.a. "Feet, Face, & Fanny"

Includes everything in the "Basic" Bath, plus:

Nail trimming and grinding

Hair trimming on paws and paw pads

Light shape-up trim of facial area

Trimming or Shaving anal and genital areas

Full-Service Groom

Includes everything in the "Basic" Bath, plus:

Nail trimming and grinding

All-over hair cutting

Possible Breed Examples
"Basic" Bath
Touch-Up Groom
Full-Service Groom
Extra Small (15 lbs or less)
Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise
from $15
from $25
from $50
Small (16-30 lbs)
Sheltie, Boston Terrier, Corgi breeds
from $25
from $35
from $60
Medium (31-50 lbs)
Whippet, Australian Cattle Dog, English Bulldog
from $35
from $45
from $70
Large (51-75 lbs)
Standard Poodle, Coonhound, Golden Retriever
from $45
from $55
from $80
Extra Large (76-100 lbs)
Giant Schnauzer, Weimaraner, German Shepherd
from $55
from $65
from $90
Giant (101+ lbs)
Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees
from $65
from $75
from $100
Cats (all sizes)
from $25
from $35
from $60

A la Carte Services

Tooth Brushing - $5

(not a substitute for regular cleaning by a veterinarian)

Ear Cleaning - $5

Ear Cleaning with Plucking - $10

Nail Trim - $15

(includes grinding)

Paw/Pad Trim - $10

Sanitary Trim - $15

De-Matting - $25, plus $10 per 10 minutes

(Severely matted dogs may be referred to a veterinarian for sedation)

Special Handling - $10-$30+

(pets unable to support their own weight, grooming-reactive dogs, etc.)

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