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Dog Day Boarding

Need a few hours to get away, maybe take a day trip or just enjoy some "human time"? Let your pup hang out with us for the day!

Dog Day Boarding

Just need a few hours to get some "human stuff" done? Maybe you wanna go shopping, grab brunch, or visit the Wright Brothers Memorial or North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island? (See our FAQ for some other Day Trip ideas and suggestions!) Day Boarding is just the ticket!

Your Canine Companions will enjoy a stay in one of our comfortable 4' x 6' runs. Each stay includes:

  • Access to 4' x 8' Private Pawtio (during temperate weather)

  • Comfortable bedding, checked and cleaned as necessary

  • Wide selection of toys for private, pawsonal use

  • Tasty variety of treats

  • Chicken ice cubes - or suitable alternative - at lunch time

  • Multiple one-on-one play yard trips daily*

  • Medication administration as needed**

  • Daily social media posts!

In addition, we have cots available for older pups under 80 lbs, non-skid tiles for dogs with mobility issues, as well as slow feeder bowls and food/medication refrigeration upon request!

Looking for Overnight Boarding instead?

*We opt not to offer playtime with pets from other families. Instead, we prefer to focus on getting to know each pet - or family - individually, to focus on their unique personalities and needs.

**Injectable medications will incur a $5 daily charge


(Jan 1 - Apr 30)

1 Dog

$35 / Day

2 Dogs

$60 / Day

3 Dogs

$85 / Day


(May 1 - Dec 31)

1 Dog

$40 / Day

2 Dogs

$70 / Day

3 Dogs

$100 / Day

(multiple dog rates are based on dogs from the same family who regularly live together and can stay in the same 4' x 6' run safely and comfortably)

Please Note: From May 1 - September 30 and during peak holiday weeks, Day Boarding is only booked on a space-available basis, and can only be confirmed within 3 days of arrival. We are happy to put you on a wait list and call or email you as space becomes available.

Day Boarding Rates
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